TRAVEL: Adventures in Travel Writing


This is a 6-week course that meets Thursdays from Sept. 25-Oct. 30, 2014 at 7-9 p.m. 

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In this lively 6-week class, you’ll learn how to enter the competitive field of freelance travel writing and get valuable tips for turning your globetrotting escapades into unforgettable prose.

The class will explore the broad landscape of modern travel writing, from newspaper and magazine features to guidebooks and travel blogs. You’ll learn to separate the facts from the fallacies in this often misunderstood market. The course will deliver practical advice on researching story ideas and structuring long-form travel narratives. You’ll also acquire new strategies for selling your work — and learn the common editorial pitfalls to avoid.

“Great travel writing aspires to be more than rote information and a list of bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants,” says Jason Wilson, editor the Best American Travel Writing series. With such distinctions in mind, the class will consider the differences between service-oriented journalism, literary travelogues, tourism blogs and other types of nonfiction  narratives.

You don’t have to be a medallion-member jetsetter to write timely, moving stories of place. After taking this class, your next life-changing travel adventure may unfold right in your own backyard.

In Adventures in Travel Writing, you’ll learn how to:

  •           Navigate the market of contemporary travel writing  
  •          Recognize and research original story ideas
  •           Write compelling, page-turning travel narratives
  •           Craft winning pitches to editors and publishers
  •           Pursue publication of your travel writing, including print and online

This course can be taken either completely online, physically in class or any combination of the two. Those who have already enrolled intend to either use the online attendance exclusively or as an option for the days they can’t make it. Enrollees are both local and out-of-state. Very easy, low-tech instructions on how to attend the workshops online in real time will be available upon enrollment. It is a lively, fun, creative, action-oriented course. Enrollment is limited due to the extent of individual attention devoted to each student.

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$295 for this 6-week course that meets Thursdays from Sept. 25-Oct. 30, 2014 at 7-9 p.m.


Tray Butler is a journalist, writing instructor and author of “Moon Atlanta,” a city guidebook published by Avalon Travel. Tray has written travel features for the Guardian, Logo, Genre,, Creative Loafing, and other outlets. He recently appeared as a guest host on CNN’s Travel Insider. His short stories, essays, humor pieces and critical reviews have run in a variety of publications in the U.S. and Britain. Tray holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of London’s Birkbeck College and an ABJ from the University of Georgia. He currently teaches Creative Writing certificate courses at Emory Continuing Education. The third edition of “Moon Atlanta” arrives in autumn 2015.


“Tray’s class not only inspired me to write, but for weeks I proved to myself that I could actually write every day. … He has a thoughtful, supportive style that creates a safe place to learn, explore, experiment and have fun while stretching your creative wings.” — John M.

“The money I paid for Tray Butler’s writing class was, cent for cent, better spent than the thousands I put toward my degree in terms of bringing my writing to life. His talks were engaging and inspiring, while the reading assignments were thoughtful and supportive of the work we were doing. Due to his encouragement, I had an output of greater than 30,000 words in the six-week class—and that was all handwritten!” — Michelle R.

“In a writing workshop environment, I value Tray’s feedback immensely. It’s clear that he takes a great deal of care in reading and critiquing the submitted work. His comments are always insightful, well balanced and he’s generous with praise when it’s due.” — Karin S.

Learning Center Location

The Shocking Real Life Learning Center is located conveniently close to the interstate in the lively Atlantic Station in Midtown, Atlanta. The address is 201 17th St., Atlanta, GA  30363. Click here for directions from your location.