Pre-order “A History of Wrecks” by Hollis Gillespie


HOW2Renowned humorist and travel-expert Hollis Gillespie skewers everything from air travel to her friends to the number of her alleged stepfathers (more than you’d think) in A History of Wrecks; True Tales of the Maladjusted and Overly Traveled, a raucous book of stories and essays. With chapter titles like “Sex with George Clooney,” and “Crack Moms for Christ (and Other Bad Advice from My Imaginary Friends),” Gillespie — award-winning humor columnist, best-selling author, travel writer, speaker, blogger, travel expert and former flight attendant (not to mention lover of George Clooney) (self-professed) — guides you through the rabbit hole of hilarity that is her brain.

Release date: July 15, 2014

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Update: Pre-Order Sales have been so promising that a traditional publisher has extended an offer and the book will be coming out under Merit Press later this year! THANK YOU for your support!