Jun 072010
Besha Rodell is the the award winning food writer and restaurant critic for Creative Loafing. She is regularly published in national magazines such as Maxim, Every Day With Rachael Ray, and Time Out New York. She has won numerous awards from the Association of Food Journalists (including first place for food feature writing last year), and she has been nominated for a James Beard Award. She has a lot of (encouraging) things to say about the place of of food writers in the present climate of changing media Continue reading »
May 252010

Hey, all, here’s my third book, titled Trailer Trashed; My Dubious Efforts Toward Upward Mobility. Buy yourself a signed copy, it will do wonders toward allaying your fears that the world is devolving into a big wad of wasted potential Continue reading »

Apr 032010

Hollis Gillespie’s 20 Hit-Boosting

Headline Tips!

In the web world, your headline not only has to appeal to human eyes, but to search engines as well. The more clicks you get, the higher you rank on Google, the more you make with whatever it is you’re selling (cupcakes? books? custom underwear?)  Below are 20 tips and examples to help make your headlines become CLICK MAGNETS: Continue reading »