Aug 162015

Creative Retreats

September 26–27 — Atlanta Fall Writers Retreat Weekend

October 17–18 Screenplay Workshop; Write Your Script in a Weekend

Online Courses

August 12–September 16 — Online Novel Writing Class sold out

September 8–22 — 15-Day “Swift Kick in the Butt” Intensive Writers Program 2 spots left

Creative Writing Classes

By Appointment — ONE-ON-ONE Training with Hollis Gillespie

September 26–27, 2015 — Atlanta Fall Writers Retreat

August 12–September 16 — Novel Writing Master Class sold out

Blogging and Social Media Classes

August 30 — Atlanta’s Most Popular Blogging Class sold out

Film and Screenwriting Classes

Atlanta, GA — July 18–19 Screenplay Workshop; Write Your Script in a Weekend

Stand-Up Comedy Classes

August 3–September 12 — Atlanta Standup Comedy Workshop


Hollis and Mike Talk About Atlanta’s Most Popular Blogging Workshop:

The SRL Writers Retreat — See What the Fuss is About:

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