Jul 012014

apple Interested in teaching a class at SRL? The terms are simple:

Submit your class proposal:
What is your idea for a class? What is your qualifications to teach it? You don’t need a PhD, but it’s important to have some qualifications that support your knowledge in the field.

Workspace Rental Fee:
$250, this includes classroom, audio equipment, computer projector, coffee, tea, snacks

Class title:
What is the title of your class? Extra points if it’s been SEO’d already. Bad title: “Lights, Camera, Action!” Better title: “Atlanta Acting Classes; How to Get Hired as an Actor in Georgia.” The former may be catchy, but the latter contains actual search terms people use to find acting classes in our area.

Class description:
One general paragraph followed by at least 5 specific bullet points on what the enrollee will walk away with, as in “In this class you will learn . . . ”

A selection of testimonials from past students and/or known professionals in the industry who recommend you in the field of the class subject matter.

One​ paragraph bio highlighting your accomplishments in the field of the class subject matter.

Bio pic:
An engaging profile pic that is not a mug shot and doesn’t show you drinking beer. (On second thought, a mug shot might be neat.)

The arrangement for instructors who teach through the SRL space:
We divide the enrollment fees 45/55 (with you receiving 55%), and I provide the space, coffee and snacks for your attendees, advertising and payment/enrollment/fee transmittal. I plug your classes on my site, social network, newspapers and magazines. Then I cut you a check on the first day of class.

Sound good?
Cool. Email us at shockingreallife@gmail.com and tell us about your class!