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heartSunday, January 26, 11–5pm

“Stressed” and “Overwhelmed” shouldn’t be the first words you use to describe your life. This intensive, 6-hour lifeplan course provides you with a customized, step-by-step goal-setting guide to set your dreams in motion. Attendees are taught to free themselves of clutter – both spiritually and materially — by using a proven process to liberate themselves from life obstacles, whether it be relationships, activities that no longer serve your greater good, or habits that hinder your personal growth. Following this inner and outer “house-cleaning,” we’ll develop a surmountable format leading to lifelong goals and dreams.

In this workshop, you will experience:

  • Individual and group exercises to assess clutter “roadblocks” and emotional patterns that have made it difficult to part with burdensome possessions.
  • How to pinpoint relationships and activities that are a drain on time and energy.
  • Learning concrete steps, via our presentation and exercises, to begin the life process of removing the above distractions from their lives.
  • The clarity to define and explore life goals and discover creative outlets.
  • Accountability to own your situation and change it. No more excuses, no coddling.
  • Learning to assess the baggage inside that keeps you attached to the baggage outside.
  • The defining of friends, families and colleagues –- and who gets to be in your inner circle and how to avoid time-suck from those who encroach on you.
  • How to pinpoint the things that are keeping you busy without a payoff. Learn how to delegate and remove things from the schedule that aren’t serving a higher purpose for you or your family.

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Cost for the 6-hour workshop: $125

Instructor Info:

bustSuellen Germani is the founder of the professional organizing firm, Creative Order. She is an ICF-accredited Coach for Life and incorporates Life Coaching into the services offered by Creative Order. With humor and patience, she teaches creative, resourceful people how to identify and eliminate the clutter in their lives so that they have the time, space, and energy to pursue their passions. “As a cancer survivor who has truly thrived since treatment, I also seek to use life coaching to help other survivors of adversity to pursue their own joy, bliss, and life’s purpose,” she says. Germani is also available as a trainer and motivational speaker and is a member of the International Coach Federation and the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). For more information on this class, contact Suellen Germani at 404-271-2111 or