Mar 112012
Face It, You Can’t Party Like You Used To!
So the absolute  BEST way to handle St. Patrick’s Day this year to AVOID the bars and sign up for the Shocking Real Life Book Writers Boot Camp weekend this March 17–18 and get your book published! Barring that, below are some crazy hangover cures from throughout history (and all of them are pretty gross, but that’s what you get!):


Ancient Greece: Sheep lungs and owl eggs. Yes, you heard me. I was at the farmer’s market the other day, and these supplies are abundant (except that the owl eggs look a lot like chicken eggs). Get ye there!

Ancient Rome: Two fried canaries. Your neighbor lady with the doll collection probably has fresh canaries on hand. She probably won’t mind sacrificing them.

Mongolia: Pickled sheep eyes in tomato juice. Sheep again. Depending on your alcohol consumption, you may consider farming this livestock.
Puerto Rico: Lemon slices, rubbed under the armpits, before drinking. Not only is it a hangover deterrent, it’s also serves as reliable birth control (because, seriously, who is gonna sleep with someone who has lemony armpits?)!

United States During the Old West: Rabbit poop. Dang varmints are good for something it turns out. Start with two and let them copulate until you have enough to cure the world of hangovers.  You will be a hero.

You’re Welcome.

Try being PRODUCTIVE the St. Paddy’s Day!  Land a book deal!


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