Dec 202011

Writer, designer and social media snark shark, Jami Howard, is offering both of her wildly popular Facebook Pages Workshops on Saturday, January 21st to help you fully take control of the power of social media through your Facebook Page.

We start with the basics in the Intro to Facebook Pages Workshop and then move into the fancy bells and whistles in the Custom Facebook Page Workshop. At the end of these two classes, you’ll know how to make your Facebook Page sparkle and shine as well as how to really leverage the power that you’ve been given by Facebook to tap into your customers and fans.

The Intro to Facebook Pages

The original and still, by far, the most fun!

Learn about the ins-and-outs of your Facebook Page’s dashboard and how to get it optimized for peak performance. Billed as “The Anatomy & Physiology of Facebook Pages”, this class will take you from knowing nothing to ready-to-rock! Jami shows you some neat tricks to “MacGuyver” tools on your Facebook Page for better performance.

Saturday, January 21st


Cost: $79

To register for The Intro to Facebook Pages Workshop, click here to be redirected to Jami’s website.

The Custom Facebook Page

Take your Facebook Page to the next level!

Get familiar with what to post and when and how often you should be posting to your Facebook Page. Learn how to add custom content like optimized profile images, custom landing pages, contact forms and more. Integrate your Facebook Page with your blog using RSS Third Party Publishing. Learn how to create “The Organic Ripple Effect” by soft-selling and strategically networking socially!

Saturday, January 21st


Cost: $79

To register for the Custom Facebook Page Workshop, click here to be redirected to Jami’s website.



Meet Jami Howard

Jami Howard used to want to teach Jazzercise, but realized she liked ice cream too much. Instead she became a Facebook wizard, social-media specialist, writer and professional graphic designer. A self-professed techno-nerd, she is also a single mom with a penchant for snark, profanity and mocktacular writing, as evidenced by her extremely popular site Datewrecks. Such qualities have traditionally translated to huge popularity on the internet. She carries her torch on her personal blog, Freak Bacon which is not actually about bacon at all. She likes craft beer and making fun of people (but not you) (okay maybe you) (probably).

As something of a Facebook addict (ask her fiance), Jami knows her craft. She’s also learned WordPress from the inside out and the Suffusion theme has surrendered to her superior abilities. As a talented graphic designer with five years of experience in print media, she’s got an eye for what looks stellar and she’s using that keen ability to create dynamic and engaging web pages using WordPress.

She’s ready to give your business or brand a social media makeover but more importantly, will teach you HOW to manipulate these social media tools to your advantage. Having no interest in being a web designer or a web host, she seeks to guide you to implement your ideas online, show you how to master them and then she wants to watch you ride off into the sunset.

In today’s market of open source everything, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to control and manipulate every single space that you occupy online.