Oct 242011

January 7–8 — The Shocking Real-Life Book Writers Boot Camp Weekend — This is not your average writer’s retreat! This is a lively, active, results-oriented symposium of creative and accomplished authors, attendees and answers to the questions that have been dogging you for years regarding how to go about getting a book deal . . . Read more

January 19 — Travel Writing; How to Get Paid to Travel the World — Have you taken a trip that’s changed your life? Do you want to document your adventures with a paying assignment for a magazine or newspaper? This information-packed, inspiring workshop, taught by . . . Read more

January 29 — Atlanta’s Most Popular Blogging Workshop — This is Atlanta’s Most Popular Blogging Workshop! If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or if you’ve already started one, this workshop will teach you how to sharpen its concept, write better posts, rank higher on Google, triple your traffic and start making money . . .  Read more

January 29 — Turn Your Blog into a Profit-Making Business — Learn how to discover and leverage your blogging voice, develop killer content, effectively analyze your stats and blog traffic, increase your readership and develop loyalty and improve your “findability” on Google!  Read more

Feb. 7–March 6 — Debra Coles Wisecrack U: A Stand-Up Comedy Class for Kids — Great speakers don’t always make straight A’s. They may not even do well on the SAT. However, great speakers know how to give an organized speech with energy and humor . . . read more

February 22 — WordPress Crash Course with Jami Howard Learn everything you need to know to get your wordpress site off the ground, including a guided tour through the bewildering world of plugins . . . read more

Dates Vary — The Pitch Doctor with Hollis Gillespie Here’s a secret, you don’t need to have a finished manuscript to get a book deal. All you need is an amazing idea and as little as 10 pages. I’ve helped scores of writers get book deals and agent representation, you’re next . . .  Read more

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