Aug 112011

Sunday, August 14th, 2011, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

How to Break Down Your Script: You have a script. It’s ready to go to. But how do you know how much your film will cost or how long it will take to shoot? You start by breaking the screenplay down scene by scene, with each element in your screenplay accounted for – from actors to extras, props to set dressing, vehicles to special equipment, wardrobe to make-up, sound to stunts, lighting fx to special fx – as well as breaking your scene pages into 1/8ths. Whether you have movie magic, gorilla, and just paper and pen, this class will teach you everything you need to know to get that screenplay in shape for scheduling and budgeting, then shooting, and you’ll even learn a little about proper screenplay format.

How to Schedule Your Film: You have your screenplay broken down, but now what?  How do you know how long it will take to shoot?  How do you schedule your movie without a shot list or locations or actors?  This class will show you the numerous considerations that go into scheduling, and what is most important now, in the development stage, when you need to put together the budget for your potential investors or even for a social media fundraising campaign.

Class taught by award-winning producer Linda Burns at The Shocking Real Life Center for Continuing Education Location: Click HERE for directions to our space at 313 Nelson Ave., Atlanta, GA 30313!

Above: Award-winning filmmaker Linda Burns instructs film students at Hollis Gillespie’s Shocking Real Life Academy.

About the instructor : Linda Burns produces award winning national commercials and industrials, big budget music videos, and television shows, pilots, and promos.  For over 16 years, in between production work on studio-financed feature films, she line produced and production managed numerous indie shorts, trailers and features, nurturing the next generation of filmmakers in Georgia.  She sits on industry and festival panels, teaches production classes, writes coverage on screenplays, screens films for local festivals, is a member of the Producers Guild, and sits on the Executive Committees of the Board of Directors for both Atlanta Film Festival 365 and Georgia Production Partnership.  Recent credits include: Pebble Beach Company, Spectracide, Georgia Pacific, Turner Studios (all networks), “The Little Death”, “Living is Winning” and “The Signal”.  Linda currently oversees the GPP – ATL Film 365 PA Academy and regularly helps local productions acquire interns by collecting and reviewing resumes.  In the last year alone, Linda has processed over 500 resumes.

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