Jul 282011

Saturday, September 10th – 1pm-4pm

This is where we really roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. In order to take the Level II class you’ll either need to have taken the Level I class (or a previous Facebook Workshop with me) or you can submit your request to audit the Level I class to me by email. This class is for the more savvy Facebook user. You should know what an RSS feed is and have an existing page created. This class will focus more on marketing and how to socially network. That phrase gets tossed around a lot, “social network,” but do you really know HOW to network using Facebook? Some questions we will answer are: How do I get more likes? Why aren’t people posting on my page? How do I deal with spam? How do I read my insights? What about social plugins? If you know what Facebook is, this is the class to show you HOW. This class will be a weekend worshop, starting at 10:30am and lasting three hours. It will cost $79 to attend this class.

What is an iFrame, you ask?

Please don’t be intimidated by iFrames! They function a lot like the old FBML application, but better. You are now able to integrate MORE features into your custom landing pages than before! And the best part? There’s an app for that! You don’t need to be a developer or code-brained, tech-head to make it all work beautifully! The Static iFrame app makes it easier for you to market your stuff on Facebook, turn likes into conversions and drive traffic to your blog or website! It sounds intimidating, but believe me, it’s easy to learn if you can find someone to teach you, especially if that someone is a social-media nerd with a backround in graphic art and a sense of humor.

In this class you will learn (among other things):

– The basics of a professional Facebook page
– How to set up your own Facebook page (in case you don’t already have one)
– Best practices for marketing through Facebook and how to measure its success
– How to boost your fan page’s success using iFrames, RSS feeds & other Third-Party applications
– How to incorporate social media plugins into your wordpress blog
– How to separate the personal from the professional
– How to create a default landing page and custom tabs
– What makes a great profile image
– How to use Insights to track your progress
and more!

You’ll also leave with a lot of reading material to help you when you get home.

Plus, you can network with other small business owners!

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Jami Howard used to want to teach Jazzercise, but realized she liked ice cream too much. Instead she became a Facebook wizard, social-media specialist, writer and professional graphic designer. A self-professed techno-nerd, she is also a single mom with a penchant for snark, profanity and mocktacular writing, as evidenced by her extremely popular site Datewrecks. Such qualities have traditionally translated to huge popularity on the internet. She carries her torch on her personal blog, Freak Bacon which is not actually about bacon at all. She likes good whiskey and making fun of people (but not you) (okay maybe you) (probably).