Jul 282011

Saturday, September 10th – 10am-12pm

This class is designed for two levels of beginners:

1. The folks who don’t even HAVE a Facebook profile for personal use and, FOR SURE, don’t know how to use one, and

2. For those who have a profile and maybe even a page, but are so afraid of “breaking it” that they haven’t begun to really dig in and nose things around.

In The Level I Workshop, we will start from the most basic of principals and go through the “bones” of the dashboard, explaining all the features in great detail. I will lead you, by example, through building a page from the very beginning stages. This will be an evening class starting at 6:30pm and lasting two hours and will cost $59 to attend. You can come to this class with absolutely nothing in terms of a Facebook page and by the time you leave, you will have a page and you will know how to use it. I am also going to leave extra time in this class for personal page attention. Sometimes, you just can’t articulate to google what it is you want to do — this is your opportunity to come and have those questions answered. This class will be excellent for visual learners and those that tend to get “lost” within the maze of Facebook. This is also a really great opportunity for you to let me convince you just how much a Facebook Page can do for you, so if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you want to make one, this is the one for you!

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Jami Howard used to want to teach Jazzercise, but realized she liked ice cream too much. Instead she became a Facebook wizard, social-media specialist, writer and professional graphic designer. A self-professed techno-nerd, she is also a single mom with a penchant for snark, profanity and mocktacular writing, as evidenced by her extremely popular site Datewrecks. Such qualities have traditionally translated to huge popularity on the internet. She carries her torch on her personal blog, Freak Bacon which is not actually about bacon at all. She likes good whiskey and making fun of people (but not you) (okay maybe you) (probably).