Nov 162010

Georgia has become the go-to state for film and television production. With only a handful of local accountants, Atlanta Film Festival 365 and Production Accounting and Crew Services, LLC are partnering on an introductory seminar to introduce job opportunities in production accounting.

Ever wondered how the role of a Production Accountant differs from a bookkeeper? Or that accounting offers entry level positions in the film industry? Or thought about how accurate information from the accounting department is vital to producers keeping an eye on their bottom line?

This seminar explains just how production accountants “keep their eye on the money” each and every day, and looks at all the positions in the accounting department – Accounting Clerk, 2nd Assistant Accountant, 1st Assistant Accountant, Payroll Accountant, and Key Accountant or Estimator. Participants will then learn the day to day responsibilities of each position and how the records they process are used to present important financial information to producers and studio execs – the ‘Budget’, the daily ‘Hot Cost’ and the weekly ‘Cost Report’ – the most important financial tools in the industry! Learn if the accounting department might be the department for you!

Instructor Bio:

Cheryl Jenkins, and the staff at Production Accounting and Crew Services, LLC. Cheryl Jenkins spent the past 13 years ensuring the fiscal viability of projects from the earliest stages of development through post production. Whether raising financing to get undertakings off the ground, overseeing the day-to-day budget and operations of some of televisions hottest shows, or helping to cultivate upcoming creative works – Jenkins has established herself as a must-have player in any production line-up. Jenkins launched Production Accounting and Crew Services (PACS) to provide both Atlanta filmmakers and productions shooting in Georgia with exceptional accounting services. Having honed a career in production accounting, Jenkins credits include: “Single Ladies” for VH-1, “My Super Psycho Sweet 16″, Part I and II for MTV, “50 Cent: The Money and the Power”, “Family Foreman” for NewLine Teleivision, “The Real Wedding Crashers”, “Made in the USA” for NBC/Universal, “ Last Comic Standing II and III, “The Last Adam”, and a host of other films, scripted and reality television programs.


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