Oct 052010

Oct. 23

2-5 PM — 3 Hour Class CLICK HERE to enroll.

Looking to break into the film business and build a career?  The Production Assistant or PA is the entry level position that can teach you the business from the ground up.  Set and Office PAs require hard working, skilled, team players willing to do what it takes to keep a production running.
This introductory workshop is a must take for anyone interested in becoming a Production Assistant, and one of the ways to gain entry into the acclaimed invitation only GPP – ATL Film 365  PA  Academy – the two day workshop for production assistants looking for intensive, elite training by local professionals who do the hiring.
During this course you will learn  :
Set Terminology and Etiquette
Set and Office PA duties and responsibilities

Basic “Tools of the Trade”
This workshop will help you determine if being a Production Assistant is really for you.  It’s a challenging job, but can be incredibly rewarding if you decide you are up to the challenge.  Find out if you have what it takes to join the film industry as a Production Assistant.

Creating a Film Resume: How to Get a Job in Film

October 23, 2–5 p.m.


Class taught by award-winning producer Linda Burns

Above: Award-winning filmmaker Linda Burns instructs film students at Hollis Gillespie’s Shocking Real Life Academy.

About the instructor : Linda Burns produces award winning national commercials and industrials, big budget music videos, and television shows, pilots, and promos.  For over 16 years, in between production work on studio-financed feature films, she line produced and production managed numerous indie shorts, trailers and features, nurturing the next generation of filmmakers in Georgia.  She sits on industry and festival panels, teaches production classes, writes coverage on screenplays, screens films for local festivals, is a member of the Producers Guild, and sits on the Executive Committees of the Board of Directors for both Atlanta Film Festival 365 and Georgia Production Partnership.  Recent credits include: Pebble Beach Company, Spectracide, Georgia Pacific, Turner Studios (all networks), “The Little Death”, “Living is Winning” and “The Signal”.  Linda currently oversees the GPP – ATL Film 365 PA Academy and regularly helps local productions acquire interns by collecting and reviewing resumes.  In the last year alone, Linda has processed over 500 resumes.