Feb 162010

The world is evolving fast — time to stay above extinction. Because the web is shaking up not just publishing but everything. Just as bloggers have successfully encroached on the audience (and income) of traditional media, blog-trepreneurs have encroached on the traditional profit model of business in general. Three years ago I started my Shocking Real-Life continuing education series with one workshop, “The Secrets to Writing & Selling Your First Book.” That has since spawned a series of workshops and webinars aimed at equipping people with the basic knowledge to navigate the new-media world. Because it’s time to adapt and evolve! These are tough times, yes, but exciting times, too. You must survive, because it’s really gonna be something to see what the world will look like after the shrapnel clears from the onslaught of the web. So hunker down and figure it out for now. Learn. And remember; change is inevitable, but progress is optional.