Feb 102010

Joyce Bone and I were supposed to catch a quick coffee the other day, be we ended up spending two hours talking about the transformation of publishing and I don’t think either of us even ordered coffee

Joyce Bone, Bitchen Chick

Anyway, I wanted to talk to Joyce 1) because she is the author of Millionaire Moms; the Art of Raising a Business and a Family at the Same Time and 2) because she recently acquired her own imprint with a publishing company, and subjects like this — the future of publishing — is catnip for my brain. Joyce’s imprint (and by the way, she’s on the lookout for new authors) seems innovative¬† because it creates a partnership between the author and publisher, as opposed to the traditional relationship between publisher and writer. In the traditional model, the writer often ends up a plebe in a fiefdom making pennies per issue.

Enter change. A new relationship between author and publisher is inevitable. Neither can afford to continue with the old model. Some come enroll in the Shocking Real-Life workshop Secrets to Writing & Selling Your First Book Sunday, Feb. 21 and see that the Millionaire Mom has to say about the future of publishing!