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June 2–July 7, 2020 — ONLINE course. Novel Writing 101; Writing the Breakout Book with Hollis Gillespie. Master the essentials of plot-point development, character, dialogue and writing style in this unique 6-week course with best-selling author Hollis Gillespie. Known for her ability to galvanize writers into producing their best works, Gillespie, founder of the largest writing school in Atlanta, has led scores of writers to the publishing promised land. Students who have taken her courses have landed book deals with HarperCollins, FWMedia, Random House and McGraw-Hill. Three have gone on to become bestsellers themselves, and two have gone even further and . . . (read more)

May 16–17, 2020 — Screenwriting Workshop, Write Your Script in a Weekend! Michael Lucker hosts this fun and inspiring weekend writers camp, where you’ll learn about Idea, Character, Plot, Scene Design, Dialogue and Rewriting through engaging lecture, film clips, screenplay excerpts and original class exercises. (read more)

October 23–25, 2020 —SPARTA Murder Mystery Writing Retreat  At SRL we’re feeding your inner MYSTERY WRITER this year! We’re turning our writers retreat into a weekend getaway housed in an historic SOUTHERN GOTHIC HAUNTED mansion in Sparta, Georgia, hosted by me, Hollis Gillespie, along with the renowned, award-winning film producer Milford Thomas! This weekend will connect you with a creative symposium of like-minded MURDER/MYSERY writers! Here is what you can expect to learn: (read more)

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HERE are samples of more Shocking Real Life Alumni Success Stories!

What past participants say about the Shocking Real-Life Writing Seminar

  • “I made contact (totally used your letter) with a friend’s agent at Writer’s House. It worked! Now he wants to see the proposal. They loved the idea. Thanks again! The class was great.” — Stephanie Davis, Editor, skirt! Magazine
  • “Hollis, thanks for being in touch so quickly. Your seminar rocked!! I want to be one of your successes. I’ll start with [the agent you suggested] and if a rejection, will just keep going. I did not even realize I was so on fire about getting this book out there, until I felt the full Hollis Effect!!” — Susan Campbell
  • “Hollis Gillespie’s writing workshop was the best I’ve ever attended. Hollis was extremely encouraging and helpful in both creative and procedural modes. And the yellow theme with the mimosas worked at a deep level of community which added to the enjoyment of the whole experience.” — David Ryback
  • “Hollis is a rule-breaker who will teach you things you won’t hear anywhere else. If you don’t care about political correctness and want to learn a proven tactic to get an agent’s attention, Hollis can show you the way.” — Debbie Unterman
  • “Hollis and crew were positive and upbeat. ‘Can’t’ wasn’t spoken. The environment and food were ‘quirky and fun,’ one of the underlying themes of the workshop and Hollis’s principles: build a support system of writers, share your work and contacts, and hit the send, send, send button on your computer made sense. The agent list was an added bonus.” — Lynn Hesse
  • “The Hollis Gillespie workshop was money well spent and the day went by very quickly! Hollis took time with each person to help them clarify details of the story that they’d like to tell, develop a creative title, found similar books to use as examples in a pitch letter and provided a list with a recommendation of an agent (or agents) to contact. Hollis gave concise, realistic feedback to each person. As an added bonus, Michael Alvear spoke and each offered excellent advice. I came home and began work immediately on my story! I’m impressed by Hollis and Michael’s philosophy of helping other writers. Thank you for offering this wonderful seminar to AtlantaWriters Club members.” — Sharon LeMaster
  • “It was a great experience and nice to sit around a table with others who are dealing with the same obstacles I am. I liked the advice given to ignore conventions and rules when querying agents and publishers which I will paraphrase: as long as it’s well written, go for it regardless of the ‘supposed’ hurdles or rules. Receiving a rejection doesn’t necessarily mean you’re work isn’t any good or you didn’t follow the rules. I liked having published authors talk about their personal experiences and paths to success using somewhat unconventional means. I spent part of yesterday putting the advice in practice and sent out several queries with an entirely different attitude.” — Kathy Lewis

Oct 222009

One of the most common creative freak-outs I encounter from my students is their claim they can’t write what really happened to them because they’re afraid of how Continue reading »

Jan 092010

I’ve often heard it decreed that if you don’t write every day you can’t consider yourself a “real” writer. Dorothea Brande, who wrote Becoming a Writer — which, but for what I am about to point out, is an amazing book — advises that if you can’t commit a period of every single day to the task of words on paper then you might as well pin your name tag back on and commence flipping burgers Continue reading »

Mar 122010

The economy has hit few professions harder than it has hit writers and journalists. It takes time (lean times) to build your own platform in order to stay above extinction. If not for local discount vendors like ScoutMob, I probably wouldn’t leave the house. ScoutMob is a free service that gives you up to 60% discounts at some of your favorite restaurants and other businesses in Atlanta. Check it out. Because if you don’t leave the house, how the hell are you gonna find stuff to write about?

You know you wanna join the ‘mob…

If you enjoy eating food, discovering new favorite spots, and exploring our fair city for all it’s worth, you’re really gonna dig Scoutmob. And if you sport this ‘stache? We’re really gonna dig you right back. But with or without the fake facial hair, Scoutmob is here to bring you absurd deals on your favorite local places. Think Murphy’s, The Shed, ONE. midtown kitchen and Souper Jenny. Now think of them at 50% off. We also come with curious tidbits to share with all your ‘mob-loving, deal-getting friends.

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