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The One on One Book Pitch Package with Hollis Gillespie

BY APPOINTMENT — save $150 Here’s a secret, you don’t need to have a finished manuscript to get a book deal. All you need is an amazing idea and as little as 10 pages. I’ve helped scores of writers get book deals and agent representation, you’re next! Read more

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The Shocking Real-Life Book Writing Boot Camp!

NEXT WRITER’S RETREAT: April 27–28, 2013 Save $40! This is not your average writer’s retreat! This is a lively, active, results-oriented symposium of creative and accomplished authors, attendees and answers to the questions that have been dogging you for years regarding how to go about getting a book deal.
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(reg. price $374, YOUR price $334)

Atlanta’s Famous Blogging Workshop

NEXT CLASS March 24, 2013— Save $25! This is Atlanta’s Most Popular Blogging Workshop!* If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or if you’ve already started one, this workshop will teach you how to sharpen its concept, write better posts, come up with magnetic headlines, generate more ideas, rank higher on Google, triple your traffic and start making money.

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The Atlanta Advanced Blogging Workshop

NEXT CLASS March 16, 2013, 11–5 Join fellow editors, writers, and bloggers to learn how to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing techniques immediately to ensure your content reaches your intended audience. We’ll cover how to improve your organic page ranking to drive traffic to your website, the anatomy of a search engine, and link-building techniques to maximize the visibility of your content.

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(reg. price $175, YOUR price $150)


How to Pitch a Film or TV Series

NEXT CLASS , March 2, 4:30–7:30pm Film Producer Linda Burns teaches you how to pitch a film idea to producers, whether you have a screenplay, a book, a blog or just an idea. Learn to master the elevator pitch and the one liner, as well as how to talk about your project in a way that leaves them wanting more.

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(reg. price $75, YOUR price $65)


How to Write and Sell Short Stories (6-week course)

NEXT CLASS TBA — save $25! Are you itching to write (and publish) your short stories? In this 6-week class, you’ll learn how to craft stories that resonate with readers and editors alike. Discover techniques for developing unforgettable characters, creating compelling narratives, and fine-tuning your story’s pacing and dialogue.
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(reg. price $299, YOUR price $274)


Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop (8-week course)

NEXT CLASS begins April 18, 2013 — Get your manuscript and/or stories polished for publication with author and editor Suzanne Van Atten.

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(reg. price $325 YOUR price $305)


Creative Nonfiction Workshop (8-week course)

NEXT CLASS begins May 9, 2013Does sitting in a room with 10 writers telling you what they think of your writing scare the crap out of you? Good! It should! But it’s also an excellent way to hone your craft.

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(reg. price $295, YOUR price $275)


Travel Writing: How to Get Paid to Travel the World

NEXT CLASS DATE TBA — Save $10! Have you taken a trip that’s changed your life? Do you want to document your adventures with a paying assignment for a magazine or newspaper? This information-packed, inspiring workshop, taught by freelance journalist Jennifer Bradley Franklin, whose work has appeared in American Way, Go (for AirTran), Alaska Airlines Magazine, Bespoke, Teen People, Jetsetter, Daily Candy and more, will show you how to take all those e-mails and journal entries and turn them into print-ready and profitable pieces. Read more

(Reg. price $59, YOUR price $49)


The Facebook Fan Page Workshop

NEXT CLASS DATE TBASAVE $10! Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with over 500 million users, so if you haven’t figured out how to harness this show pony for all its potential, what’s stopping you? A Facebook fan page is essential for business owners of any size (that means you, writers and bloggers) looking to expand their presence and reach their audience.

(reg. price $79, YOUR price $69)

Shoot, Edit, Upload, and Embed Compelling Video Online Like a Pro

NEXT CLASS Coming soon — Save $20! Original video increases your web views, improves your online search engine rank, and gives your audience more insight into you and your company. With the explosion of online marketing, multimedia journalism and citizen reporting, the ability to shoot your own video is essential. Get this: Youtube is now the second most popular search engine in the world (behind Google) with 300 million worldwide visitors a month.

(reg. price $69, YOUR price $49)